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Kingman Ink is a boutique graphic recording firm based in New York City. It consists of Kelly Kingman and her extended team of experienced artists and our capable support staff. Kingman Ink has supported hundreds of events, from high-profile keynotes to intimate executive retreats. Learn more at KingmanInk.com

logo by Nick Westergaard

logo by Nick Westergaard

Sketchy People

Sketchy People is a Facebook group (currently private) for people interested in using simple drawings to explore and communicate ideas. We feel that drawing is a tool for thinking that belongs to all, that anyone can make meaningful marks and that the process of trying to visualize our ideas can be as valuable (if not more so) than a polished product. Like writers in a writing group, we have gathered to create a fun and safe environment to give our ideas shape, to get feedback and share resources. #sketchypeopledraw

The Visual Enneagram

Co-created with Enneagram Coach Áine Ní Cheallaigh, the Visual Enneagram is a brief overview of the nine personality types of the Enneagram based on The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson. The book contains short explanations as well as colorful visual depictions of all nine types that bring them to life. The colorful graphics for each type are also available for licensing to include in training materials and presentations. Learn more at VisualEnneagram.com